Queen Elizabeth II turns 100-years-old

Queen Elizabeth II was born in London on April 21, 1936. She is the current Queen of the United Kingdom and fifteen Commonwealth realms, being the main political figure of the fifty-four member countries. In her specific role as monarch of the United Kingdom, she is also the supreme governor of the English Church.

She was crowned in 1953, which means she has the longest reign in history, close to 70 years. In addition, in 2026 she could turn 100 years-old, something unique in the history of the world.

This card shows Elizabeth II’s face mixted with with Nefertiy’s face in a single face. Nefertity was born in the 14th century B. C. And she belonged to the 18th Egyptian dynasty, wife of the great pharaoh Akhenaten, together with whom he ruled the Great Empire of Egypt and who succeeded him after his death. It is believed that she did not rule alone for more than three or four years.

Is there a true parallel between Nefertiti and Queen Elizabeth II?

In 2016, Elizabeth II will turn 100-years-old and it will have been four years since her husband died, so similar to Nefertiti, she would rule alone her last years in office. Two very powerful queens who have ruled two great empires. Parallel stories in different worlds and times. Two strong women who have written the history of our past world, interpreted in a range of grays, and our present world, which appears full of colour. Two faces that in turn interact in their features forming a single face that is completed and rebuilt. In short, two women’s souls that come together in a single look

  • Prediction Date: 25th July 2022
  • Category:  Culture

Probability Level 


Gold Edition

1 x NFT

Silver Edition

5 x NFT

Bronze Edition

10 x NFT


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