Brazil World Runner-Up Qatar 2022

The Brazilian soccer team was founded in 1914. It is the most successful team in the history of the Soccer World Cup. He has won the title five times: in the World Cup in Sweden in 1958, in Chile in 1962, in Mexico in 1970, in the USA in 1994 and in Korea/Japan in 2002. Also, it was runner-up twice: in the World Cup in Brazil in 1950 and in France in 1998. It is the only team to date to have participated in all the World Cups celebrated. Brazil will become the Soccer World Runner-Up of the Qatar Soccer World Cup in the final to be played in December 2022
  • Prediction Date: 1st April 2022
  • Category: World Sports



Gold Edition

1 x NFT

Silver Edition

5 x NFT

Bronze Edition

10 x NFT


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