Learn all about VISIONS NFT collectible cards

Today we announce the release of the first NFT collectible of cards based on real predictions.

Today VISIONS is born, an idea based on the creation of an exclusive and unique collection of NFT cards with exclusive designs and art. Each of our predictions are divided into 5 different categories with unique designs. And each prediction is divided into 3 different editions: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Prediction Categories

Each of our collectible NFT cards are divided into 5 different categories that cover different real-world events.

Tech & Science

We live in a universe in which we still have many things to discover. The human being has always had a great concern to develop, evolve and discover everything that surrounds us. In this category, we want to collect all those predictions related to Technology and Science

World Politics

We live in a world where countries are governed by people whose decisions not only affect the country they govern, but also certain areas or regions of the planet. The world is constantly changing, especially with everything related to politics. In this category, we are contemplating all those predictions related to any political event that may happen worldwide.

Finance & Economics

Finance is the engine that moves the world. In recent years, we have experienced financial revolutions that have changed the conception of finance that we traditionally knew.  In this category, we collect all those predictions related to the financial area

World Sports

The world of sports has always generated a lot of expectation. There are so many people who put a real passion into following their favourite teams, and each country’s teams allow us to foster national unity. In this category, we are collecting all those predictions related to any type of sport.


We live in a very diverse world, which generates great cultural wealth for us. Each country or each region has its own customs, language, religion, etc. that makes that country unique, and allows us to culturally enrich the rest. In this category, we are collecting all those predictions related to the world of culture.

Collectible editions

Each of our collectible cards are divided into 16 different NFT’s. 1 NFT x Gold Edition,  5 NFT Silver Edition and 10 x NFT Bronze Edition.

GOLD Edition

Gold edition card is the most exclusive design, only 1 NFT per card. The Gold card edition is encased in a spectacular and brilliant transparent glass with a gold frame. the front of the card, as well as the back, are gold plated.

SILVER Edition

Silver edition card features a shiny, silver design, only 5 NFT´s per card. The silver card is encased in an exclusive glass like the gold edition and is silver plated on the front and on the back of the card.


Bronze Edition

Bronze edition card features a shiny, silver design, only 10 NFT´s per card. The bronze card has a beautiful bronze design. The bronze edition stands out for its minimalist design, without glass encapsulation and is covered in an intense orange color.


The World´s first NFT Prediction Card Collection

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